FLORIACH ARCHIVES is a young and independent prêt-à-porter brand based in Barcelona, created in a small workshop by David Floriach with the purpose of make clothes for artists.

"I started making clothes 2021, and after a lot of positive feedback received through the internet, I am working everyday on large escale clothing, so anyone can have the opportunity to wear my pieces."


Since the brand was created we have been involved in big projects as the following:

Pedro LaDroga - Tour $kydrvg 3.0 // Barcelona, 26/03/2022 

Rojuu - Tour 2022 // México, 29/01/2022

Rojuu - Gira 2022 //

Albany - Videojuego // Videoclip

FuckingYoung styled by Giovanni Franco // Magazine

Polimá Westcoast - Ultra Solo (Solo Version) // GALLERY SESSION

FLORIACH ARCHIVES does not make clothes for him or for her: everything is for everyone.